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Numenore Role Playing Game

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"Tolkien Library"
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Tolkien Library: a descriptive and illustrated guide to collecing Tolkien books

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"Love LOTR"
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Tolkien and movies site : great encyclopedia, articles, lots of pics, informations, forum, etc.

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"Kingdoms of Middle Earth"
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Our RPG site is a great place for both new and experienced roleplayers to enjoy Middle-Earth.

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"Lord of the Rings Humor Zone"
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A fun site with all things humorous pertaining to the LOTR book and movie trilogy. Includes Top 10 lists, movie & cast images

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Art, biography, bibliography, encyclopedia, essays, genealogies, maps, poems, songs, quizes, links and growing.

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Very friendly community; based on all aspects of Tolkien and The Lord of The Rings

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Thriving forum/message board dedicated to Tolkien, and Lord of the Rings.

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"*~A hobbits hang out~*"
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A fun hobbit forum:)

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":~Tales of Arda~:"
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Tolkien-based writer's archive; solid fanfiction, essays, poetry, reviewing, and references, as well as a strong forum

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